Overview of Professional Training Services

With a foundation built on research and professional experience, Michael Kutzke of Professional Training Services has developed course content which addresses and enhances organizational and personal productivity in a grounded and practical manner. Social development, interaction theories, current practice, and current methodology are blended to create a practical approach to assist professionals in better understanding their personal and professional interactions that impact productivity.

Course Presentation Format and Style

Bringing a fast-paced blend of information, humor and inspirational overtone Michael Kutzke sets the stage for courses built on active involvement. With an enthusiastic approach and the use of stories and analogies, adult learners are challenged to look inward for answers and growth. Evaluation comments such as "enlightening and enjoyable," "never a dull moment," and "makes it fun while you learn" highlight years of presenting and instruction experience that provide a unique and challenging learning environment.


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"I have not laughed, nor enjoyed a training as much as your presentation today. I can see this is your passion, and clearly you do your job very well ."

Bonnie H