Self-Protection and Personal Safety

Self-protection is a set of awareness, assertiveness, and verbal confrontation skills combined with safety strategies that allow you to avoid a direct physical encounter. This course provides an opportunity to examine your personal safety habits and the impact your safety habits have on your day-to-day safety. This course can be customized to meet individual, group or organizational level safety awareness needs.

Professional Training Services has successfully delivered self-protection training to the Minnesota Child Welfare Training System, the Minnesota Guardian ad Litem Program, the Minnesota Department of Corrections and numerous other public and private organizations. Self-protection training can be customized to include general self-protection strategies such as workplace safety, home safety, and travel safety. This training can also be customized to address specific safety issues such as, home-visits, interviewing, and de-escalation strategies. The goal of this course is to allow employees and organizations to better balance personal safety concerns with day-to-day activities.

Course Content

The concentrated areas of study within this course are:

  • Common self-protection assumptions.
  • A foundation of self-protection awareness and a basic understanding of how individuals perceive their safety.
  • Strategies to increase safety awareness in day-to-day activities.
  • A focus on addressing individually identified safety needs of employees and organizations.
Self-Protection & Personal Safety

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