Organization and Prioritization: Day-to-Day Life Management Strategies

  • Have you ever felt overloaded or overwhelmed?
  • Have you struggled to accomplish everything you and others expect you to accomplish?
  • Do you ever procrastinate or have to deal with clutter in your life?

Everyday we are assessed on our ability to get things done. This course addresses practical strategies and techniques in a fun and fast-paced learning environment to help you take control of your time and assist you in identifying the things that are your personal and professional priorities.

This session is designed to allow attendees to learn about how their current assumptions and beliefs about organization and prioritization impact their day-to-day productivity personally and professionally. It is designed to be an active and fun learning event that allows attendees to identify areas they can improve in while in a safe and enjoyable environment.

Course Content

The Concentrated areas of study within this course are:

  • Importance of identifying personal priorities.
  • How to balance various roles in your life (i.e., responsibilities, expectations, commitments, etc.
  • Impact of setting and achieving goals in your life.
  • The impact of physical and emotional clutter.
  • How to keep the most important things in life the most important things.
  • Strategies to address the gap between what you want accomplish and the realistic limits of life.


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"I enjoyed the program very much. It was a great reminder of a better way to approach life, work and change."